Ice and Fire: Dawn Break (Single-Player) APK + Mod (Unlimited money) for Android


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You have seen various action games on the internet, but Ice and Fire Dawn Break MOD APK is a unique action game in which characters fight with ice and fire. This thing attracts people to play this game, so it is the most popular game in the world. Its original version had limited features, so developers made the modified version of this game. In the MOD APK version, you will get everything free and unlimited. You will enjoy the fight with evil characters such as spiders and many more with fire and ice.

There are many unlocked characters, and you can choose anyone. Levels are endless, and you can sit for hours to play this game. All characters have different skills and abilities. The characters are specific to playing the game in the original version, but you can customize the characters as you want. Players can retain their energy and power. There is no chance to lose the game in Ice and Fire Dawn Break MOD APK. In this article, we will discuss many more beautiful features and gameplay. You will admire and enjoy overall the game atmosphere and gameplay. Let’s explore.


Gameplay is fantastic. You will enjoy it while playing the game. This game has three main characters: ice crystal angel Feilin, Silver Phantom Hilde, and Flame warlock Agate. Each has different and unique abilities to fight with enemies. They use fire and water to defeat evil creatures with their special skills. The player has complete control of his character.

You can also participate in individual battles. You do not need to build up a team to fight because in the Ice and Fire Dawn Break MOD APK latest version, you are more vital to fighting for yourself. Just set your goal and believe in your skills to fight.

 Features of Ice and Fire Dawn Break MOD APK 

There are admirable features of Ice and Fire Dawn Break MOD APK. You would love to play this game. Let’s read the features.

Unlocked characters

All characters are unlocked in the latest version of the Ice and Fire: Dawn Break (Single-Player) MOD game. You need to click on your favorite character to play the game. In this original version, the player completes the given task, and the level after that character will unlock. Characters are available in male and female gender; players can choose anyone.

Endless levels

All levels are outstanding and have different stories. You will not feel tired while playing this game. And it is your choice which level you want to play because there is no restriction. All items are available free and unlimited.

Free equipment

In Ice and Fire Dawn Break MOD APK, players can pick free equipment to play the game, such as uniforms, weapons, and shoes. All pieces of equipment are free and limitless.


You will be amazed to see that each character has various skills, and they can improve them in Ice and Fire: Dawn Break (Single-Player) MOD APK. Agate has tremendous skills such as flame wave, flame thrust, double burst, flame eruption, and shocking fist. Feilin has ice bullets, freezing points, frosty steps, kicks, and snow barriers. Hilde has crystal sward, dual swords, endless slash, silver trap, and silver requiem.

Hero shop

In this modified version, you can buy anything with unlimited coins. The player can purchase uncommon hero potions, rare hero potions, and legendary hero points. You can upgrade your level and skills to win the game with all these things.

Unlimited coins

Players will get unlimited coins as a reward at the end of the game. You can purchase anything with coins and upgrade your items according to the level. The player can buy uncommon fairy deserts, rare fairy deserts, epic fairy deserts, and legendary fairy deserts from the fairy shop. You can also purchase uncommon spirit dust, rare spirit dust, epic spirit dust, and legendary spirit dust from the spirit shop. All shopping is possible with unlimited coins.

Special offer

It also has a unique offer feature, in which players can buy items in packs such as coin packs, costume packs, equipment packs, and hero packs. These features are not available in the original version, so install the MOD APK latest version and enjoy your time. 

Unlimited health

This feature is handy and impressive. There is no fear of losing. If the enemy attacks you, you can retain the value of your health with this feature. This feature protects your health and saves you from dying. 

No root

In this Ice and Fire Dawn Break (single-player) MOD APK version, you can install the game easily with a simple procedure.

Invite others

The most exclusive thing is enjoyment with your family and friends. So this game gives you the offer to invite others. You can ask anyone from your social media accounts via sending the game link. 

No registration

There are no hectic registration and sign-up rules. Just go to the link, install and enjoy the game at any time. 


Game lovers can play Ice and Fire Dawn Break MOD APK offline and online. If you have no stable internet connection, then do not worry. Install the game and enjoy it offline as you can download the game Dawn Break the Ice and Fire MOD APK offline version.

No ads

The modified apps and games, and advertisements make them tough to play. But developers made this game ads-free. You will not face any ads while playing the game. The player can play the game without any hassle.

Graphics and sound quality

The graphic and sound quality of the Ice and Fire Dawn Break MOD APK is fantastic. The animation of the characters, graphics, and environment of the game is fabulous. The sound quality is also incredible. You will enjoy the game music at the start of the game. 

How can we install Ice and Fire Dawn Break MOD APK?

Ice and Fire: Dawn Break (Single-Player) MOD APK Download procedure is straightforward. As you know, this version is the modified version. You can not install it from Google Play Store. But in this article, we will provide you the link to the game and the installation procedure. So you can download the game Ice and Fire Dawn Break MOD APK from here. 

Go to the device settings and enable the option installation from an unknown source. Then click the download button; after a few moments, the installation will be complete. Open the game and enjoy.

Ice and Fire Dawn Break MOD APK latest version is a beautiful action game with beautiful and unique gameplay. If you have free time, you need to play this game. There is no restriction on age, and everyone can play this game easily. It has limitless features compared to the original version, so people prefer to play this game. Go, download the Ice and Fire Dawn Break MOD APK and enjoy your time. 


Does Ice and Fire Dawn Break MOD APK latest version requires a root system?

No, this version does not require you to root your device.

Is Ice and Fire Dawn Break MOD APK safe to play?

Yes, Ice and Fire Dawn Break MOD APK is safe and secure to play on any device. 

Why can we not install Ice and Fire Dawn Break MOD APK from Google PlayStore?

We can not install it from Google Play Store because it is a modified app.

What are the MOD features of the Ice and Fire Dawn Break MOD APK?

  • Unlimited coin
  • Unlimited health
  • Unlocked characters
  • No ads

Can I play Ice and Fire Dawn Break MOD APK offline?

Yes, you can play Ice and Fire Dawn Break MOD APK offline.

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