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There are many actions and fighting games on the internet, but we will tell you about the most famous action game. West Gunfighter MOD APK is a top-rated game because it has over a million downloads. People love to play this unique game in the modified version. If you are interested in the worlds of the wild west and want to play the adventurous game, then this game is for you. You can become a cowboy and cowgirl for the protection of the people. West places, dangerous and evil people want to kill innocent people. Your main goal is to stabilize their lives, finish the injustice and kill the enemies. All things will become possible with this latest modified version of the West Gunfighter APK.

West Gunfighter MOD APK is the modified version of the original game because it has unlimited features and offers for players. With the MOD version, you can play well and win the game in any case. In the original version, you can not get unlimited features. There are unlimited characters, and you can choose anyone to play the game. Different kinds of outfits are also available such as tight jeans and other bold style dresses.

Players can choose any weapons to fight with opponents; each type of gun has a different ability to destroy the enemy. It is an action game, but you can participate in other activities such as hunting, visiting the valleys, and exploring new location and items. The combination of action and adventure makes you more excited about the game. The player’s power and energy will remain with unlimited health features. You can ride on a horse to find bad boys and kill them.

Moreover, the overall interface and control mechanism is straightforward. This game has a massive map with different kinds of mysterious stories. Various missions refresh your mind, and you can play any mission. It is a highly addictive game; you can sit hours playing it. There are many more unique features. Here you will get more information about West Gunfighter MOD APK; you must need to read the full article. Let’s read.

App information

Genre: Action

Version: 1.12

Size: 22.06 MBs

Requirement: 5.0 and up

MOD Features: Unlocked, unlimited everything


West Gunfighter MOD APK is the most unique and addictive gameplay. In this game, the player will go to the west land and protect people from the bad boys who upset their lives. Visit all the locations, find the enemies and kill them. The player can get the horse, which will assist you in finding the opponents. You are the real hero and hope for the survival of people.

With this MOD version, a single player is enough to fight evil people and make their plans impossible. Their attacks are powerful, and you also need to save yourself. Utilize all the features and become the king of West Wild Land. Players can do anything they want. Feel free to enjoy this addictive game. There is a variety of weapons; pick any gun and shoot them. In this majestic wild west, you will explore other various stories.

Features of West Gunfighter MOD APK

West Gunfighter MOD APK has beautiful features which are not available in the original version. Let’s explore.

Various costumes

West Gunfighter MOD APK has different characters to change. There is no restriction to choosing the character. All characters have eight other costumes. Ready the cowboy costume with tight jeans and a hat. You can change the look to a heroic look with bold style. Custom suits are available, and players can customize their outfits with other accessories. With unlimited money and bonuses, players can buy new items for customization.

Combat guns

There are maltitude guns in West Gunfighter MOD APK. Pistols are the most powerful weapon to kill opponents by just shooting. Other guns, such as rifles and shotguns, each have different abilities to attack. Use the weapons and increase your power to fight. West Gunfighter MOD APK upgrades the guns constantly.

Shooting adventure

In this game, players will get exclusive offers. You will enjoy other activities such as hunting, adventure trips, and deserted jungles. The player can go and explore anything, such as cities and valleys. You will enjoy everything heartily.

Easy control

West Gunfighter MOD APK has an easy control mechanism. Everyone understands and plays the game without any problem. It has a classic UI and control system. All buttons are available on the game screen. You can quickly move, shoot and run. You will enjoy the gunfight with one or a group of opponents. 

Massive map

You will immensely enjoy and be engaged in the massive maps, which have exclusive stories. Explore the locations with the horse, see the beautiful places and kill the opponents quickly. Discover the mysterious tales of places and enjoy the game.

Various missions

West Gunfighter MOD APK is full of exciting missions. You will not get bored. If you want to quit one mission and play another, you can do it quickly. Feel free to pick and play the mission. After every successful mission, you will get a reward. Each task has different gameplay, such as shooter, fighting, and puzzle games.

Enjoyable and addictive shooter experience

If you are interested in shooter games, you will enjoy them more. Here you will get good shooter experience as well as sniping experiences. This game is different from other action games.

Unlocked level

The levels are unlimited and endless. You can play at any level. All levels are not unlocked in the original version, but you will find each feature with the best modification in this version. Each level has obstacles; you can solve all the obstacles with MOD features.

Play without internet

It is an exclusive feature; you can play the game without the internet anywhere. But for the installation, use a stable internet connection and enjoy the game outdoors.

Unlimited money and diamond

With the West Gunfighter MOD APK unlimited money and diamond feature, the player will get the reward as unlimited diamonds, unlimited money, coins, and bonuses. You can buy anything you want and upgrade the level with these rewards.


One-hit features are extremely useful in action games. This feature is not available in the standard version; that’s why winning chances are low compared to the modified version. Use the one-hit feature and destroy the enemies in just one shoot. You can win the game effortlessly. 

Unlimited health

You have no fear of death with the unlimited health feature because you can immediately retain your energy and power. If opponents attack you, your point will be low, but at the same time, you can keep it. In the original version, when an opponent attacks you, you can die at that time, and no anyone can save you.

Free to play

There is no registration or installation fee. Developers made this version for game lovers for free. The installation process requires a stable internet connection to install this game. 


West Gunfighter MOD APK is an anti-ban version. It is undoubtedly a modified version of the original game, but no one can ban it. You can play without any fear or worries.

No ads

Advertisements Create a disturbance and ruin the game’s mood. But here, we will provide you ads-free version. There is no advertisement at the start of the game and during the game. Just enjoy your time.

Graphic quality

The graphic quality is exceptionally admirable. You will be amazed to see the overall atmosphere of the game. The characters, forests, deserts, and land look lovely as in the real world. 

Sound quality

The sound quality is also too good. Music at the start of the game is very pleasurable. The sound of fighting and shooting feels like a real battleground.

How can install the West Gunfighter MOD APK?

The installation of West Gunfighter MOD APK is not a challenging task. Here we will provide you with the link to the game and instructions. Read carefully and install the latest version to play the game. It is a modified version, so change your mobile settings, go to the settings and enable the installation from an unknown source. Click the download button and install the game. After a few moments, the installation will be complete. Then you can open the West Gunfighter MOD APK download version and play.

West Gunfighter MOD APK is the best action game. Install this version and enjoy the action gameplay if you want to kill your boring routine. It is different from the official West Gunfighter version because it has unlimited features. There is no fear of defeat. You will win.


Is West Gunfighter MOD APK safe and secure?

Yes, West Gunfighter MOD APK is 100% safe and secure. It will not damage your data and device. 

Can I update this version after installation?

Yes, you can update the latest version if it is available.

Can we install West Gunfighter MOD APK from Google Play Store?

We can not install West Gunfighter MOD APK from Google Play Store because it is a modified version.

What are the MOD features of West Gunfighter MOD APK?

  • Unlimited coins
  • No ads
  • One-hit
  • Unlimited health
  • Unlimited characters

Is there any signing up or registration process to play the game?

There is no registration and sign-up process to play the game.

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